Instruction for reviewers

Kindly register your profile in the “login or register” in the right upper corner of the webpage if this is your first visit to our homepage.
If you accept our invitation to participate in a peer review process, kindly notice a guide for authors for writing a manuscript. The Journal endorses appropriate reporting guidelines by EQUATOR Network. Registration and login are required to submit items online and to check the status of current submissions.

We strongly follow ethical guidelines for performing research and publication and promote proper communication among researchers in health sciences. The peer review process is double-blinded and the publication should be understood by readers, replicated by researcher and used by doctors for clinical decision making. Reporting guidelines by EQUATOR Network are mostly welcome and a sheet of checklist completed by authors during manuscript submission to ensure a good quality report is attached for reviewer’s consideration.

However, you can do the peer review using an appropriate reporting guideline and take it into account when reviewing the assigned manuscript. Your additional opinion on the quality and impact of the study result or any comment are highly appreciated.

You should avoid conflict of interest with the authors, respect the confidentiality of the review process and do not quote or cite the manuscript under reviewing. You should decline the invitation to be peer reviewer if there is any conflict of interest.

Your peer reviewer process should be less than two weeks and we do appreciate your kind contribution.

The certificate for peer reviewer will be printed using your names as appeared in the registration profile once you have submitted your opinion in the peer reviewer process (No. 6).